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Your top 10 favorite guitarists

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I can't believe no one mentioned Paul Kossoff. My heart is broken.

1. Paul Kossoff

and then, in no particular order:
Jimi Hendrix
Eric Clapton
Ritchie Blackmore
Jimmy Page
Robin Trower
Mel Galley
John Lee Hooker
Angus Young
Leslie West

Oops, that makes it 11. Honorable mentions go to: Billy Gibbons and Mark Farner.

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Let's not forget

Geddy Lee and Flea (two phenomenal bassists with big "voices" in their respective bands). They are the bread to Lifeson and Frusciante's butter.

Also Kaki King (she's incredible for her aggressive attack) Check out her stuff at the Internet Archive.

I like Suzanne Vega for exactly the opposite reason: her delicate playing and voice. Her new album Beauty and Crime is really good.

That's four.

Me on a Saturday morning. (As I say, "Everything is possible on a Saturday morning!")

David Hodge's mp3's over the years. Thank you. God willing, I hope to meet you some day.

Paul Simon, man! In a hundred years time, he will be remembered. To me, he's the Elton John of the guitar. His songs are the soundtrack of my generation. Nothing flashy. I guess it's the whole package: songwriter and his guitar.

Three more. Neil Young. Gotta love the guy, Guitar-wise: He does what he's gotta do. Nothing ever works as planned. Excellent picker. All around acoustic-friendly songwriter.

(I feel weird about judging these guys! They have given us so much!)

Two more: these two are reserved for my future favourites. I am waiting with excited expectation....

(Ya I like Page and Clapton. That's Steven Page of BNL if you were wondering :lol: the other guy's ok too (Didn't he do an album with Coverdale?) :lol:


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