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Ian Anderson Plays Acoustic Jethro Tull Concert

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Saw the show last night in a small theater hall in Santa Rosa. All acoustic and yet it still ROCKED!!! 8) :twisted: 8) :D :D
Anderson plays flutes, harmonica (on one blues number), mandolin and the SMALLEST guitar I've ever seen. From his website:

"During the eighties, I switched to guitars from Andrew Manson, an English luthier, who works in Devon producing hand-made guitars for aficionados of acoustic instruments. Based on traditional designs by the Martin Company as well as on the ideas of Andy and myself, we have come up with modern variations on the theme, giving a compact guitar with the resonance and playability associated previously with the big "jumbo" style guitars favoured by Country artists. The sexy little parlour guitars are not at all common in pop and rock music: indeed, I am probably one of the very few to use them. The instrument currently on tour with me is the smallest ever! It is a 3/4 size parlour guitar based on a French design of 150 years ago. I sent Andrew Manson the drawings and measurements and even he was surprised at how well it played and sounded, especially fitted with one of the Fishman transducer pick-ups which I have been using since the late eighties."

Amazing, full, rich sound from an incredibly small guitar! :shock:

Also, he is joined by 26 year old Bavarian guitarist, Florian Opahle, who uses his classical and flamenco training to pour out intricate and beautiful runs. For a young man, he is remarkably skilled and talented and blends the sounds of classical, flamenco and rock into outstanding hybrid sounds. And he ROCKS!!! 8) :twisted: 8)

Great song selection and an exceptionally tight band. Never missed a beat even through numerous rapid tempo changes and rythym switches. Plus, Anderson is a showman, story teller, comic and all in all, a very talented entertainer. The only dissappointment was a total rework of "Aqualung", which ended up like a weird jazz cover version :roll: . He's probably tired of performing the same old version after 35 years, but if so, he should drop it from the set.

Anyway, great show, highly recommend it if he's in your area. Unfortunately, it's near the end of the US tour, but if you're in WA, grab a ticket fast. The tour's going to Czech and Germany next, so head's up over there.

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thanks for the review, hope a DVD is being considered


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The only dissappointment was a total rework of "Aqualung", which ended up like a weird jazz cover version

I hate that when a group be it a cover band or even the original artist goes and does a new most but not all cases, they don't hit the mark of the original and I get disappointed. There are exceptions as with anything else. Actually I should qualify that I hate in when it is a song I liked, songs that I didn't like originally I have found more that are better when redone but it's all a matter of personal taste.

I can understand getting bored playing the same song for that many years, heck I'm sick of playing the same song we've been playing for a year.

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Jethro Tull rocks and will always rock! :D I have been a big fan since about 1971 :twisted:

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I've always thought it pretty cool that you could have a lead flautist in a rock band. 8)

A little while ago, I came across a documentary about Ian Anderson from back in the late '80s.
Seems there's more to him than just music. Quite an interesting fellow.

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