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Type of Guitar for Accompaniment?

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I love singing, and my whole purpose in learning how to play guitar is to become a sort of one-man band at open-mike nights and the like, by singing and accompanying myself.

As far as my voice and the songs I like to sing, the range can go from Tracey Chapman and India.Arie bluesy stuff to more light and lyrical like Celine Dion and Mariah Carey (not at all to say I sound just like those folk, though :))

I really don't know anything about guitars, so with all that in mind, would an accoustic, acoustic-electric or a classical guitar be the best kind to buy/learn for my needs?

thanks in advance for any help you can offer!

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acoustic/electrics are nice. you need an amp or a PA at the venue, unless you bring one.
an acoustic without would need a mike and PA.
this is keeping in mind that you will be performing.
otherwise, a regular acoustic is all you need to paly and sing for yourself.
what is your price range?

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one of each!


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Thanks a lot for the feedback! Ideally, I'd like to spend less than $500, though I don't know if it's possible to get an acoustic-electric in that price range.

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Many acoustic/electrics sound mighty good unplugged, in your price range you should be able to find something. Don't neglect the used market where some great values can be found. I think an acoustic/electric would probably be more versatile for you than a straight acoustic.

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I would buy the best acoustic I could afford. Better to spend your money on the instrument instead of a cheap pickup. Which is what you'll get in a under $500 acoustic electric. You can worry about amping your axe when your ready to start performing.

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From what you've said about the type of music you like and your desire to sing at open mike nights, then I'd say get a steel strung acoustic and forget the classical guitar. Classical guitar is better suited for classical recitals and Flamenco.

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