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Resonator owners,bronze or phospor bronze?

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It's time to change strings on my resonator again.I've been using D'Addairo bronze strings because that what came on the guitar new.I've been thinking about going with Martin Bluegrass strings.I like the fact it has a mixed gauge,perfect for Open G.I've also been thinking about using phospor bronze,for longer lasting.But on the other hand,I don't like my slide to be overly bright either.I use light gauge strings right now,because the guitar came equipped with them.But since I never tune this guitar to standard,I might want to go to Martin Bluegrass strings.What kind of strings do you like,and why?

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phos/bronz on my National sq.neck Model D.
it has that classic sound I like.
my reso is walnut. the strings don't sound brittle-bright.

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I like nickel strings. Really bright sounding, and they last nearly forever. Those Martin Bluegrass Resonator strings are good ones. I've gone to plain nickel plated steel electric 12s, though, to maintain the same feel between my resos and electrics.

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All agreed, but it's up my alley too, though I have no resonator, I want to write about strings soon - need a little time, and may want to dig in for some pics.

Anywhoo, so I have no resonator, but I guess I've tried every string there is, not that I have a memory for every nuance, or experience of their sounds.

I'd say the Phosphor Bronzes would be too bright for my tastes, with the metal & cone sound of just about any cool twangy resonator, well that's just me. :roll:

I personally like Phosphors to bring out the hidden bang from a 'woody' guitar, but recently ran into problems with their roughness, squeak and squawk.

I'd now be afraid to put the Phosphor Bronze D'Addarios on a reso if I had one, because the slide might make too much noise, whereas Pearse strings don't do that.

Neither do Nickels, or Nickel Brites. I think they'd be a very good compromise or maybe a first choice, and I have a bunch of friends with reso's, I tried a Nat, just not for me, not yet anyway. :lol:

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Nickel wound strings were popular before there were electric guitars or phosphor bronze strings. :D

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