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SSG Year 10 Week 18
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SSG Year 10 Week 18

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Nick Torres
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Wow! What a great response this past couple of weeks has seen. There are some great ideas and detail out there.

This week, we are going to take another little step or two

First we want to use the handy dandy thesaurus and/or rhyming dictionary

Read over your stuff and put the central ideas and images in both the rhymer and thesaurus. Post the rhyming words, add any new ideas the thesaurus gives you. Start thinking about clever turns of phrase or couplets, but DON"T WRITE THE SONG. Anything else you come up with is fair game and post it. YOU ARE NOT IN ANYWAY OBLIGATED TO USE THE RHYMES OR WORDS FROM THE THESAURUS, just post them.

The idea this week is we are loading up our sonic palette of words and tone and coloring for the final song painting. We don't want to go beyond that though. We don't want to judge the value of the words yet as we haven't thought about storyline or structure. Be patient, two more weeks and I think we'll be done.

Good luck and good painting.