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SSG Year 13 Week 48

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Hello to all

In a little over twenty-eight hours (as I write this), there will be a full lunar eclipse. And not just a typical full lunar eclipse, but an eclipse of a full moon. And not just a full moon, but a so-called "super moon" or "blood moon" when the moon is as close to the earth as it's going to get during this particular calendar year.

Now, just because there are enough songs with "moon" in the title to create about a month's worth of set lists, that doesn't mean there can't be more! So this week it's write a "Song About the Moon" (no lie - Paul Simon song from 1983's Hearts and Bones album). While I'd love you to have the moon be in the title, even getting a cameo appearance in your song lyric for our planet's satellite will be perfectly fine. Just have fun.

As always, I look forward to reading and to listening to what you come up with.