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where do i find the...
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where do i find the guidlines for this weeks song?

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where is the newsletter? and forum?

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Hey jayrod,

Welcome aboard,

The guidelines for each week's song appear at the top of the list of messages (this week the title is "Sticky: SUNDAY SONGWRITER'S GROUP - WEEK 20" ). The newsletter signup is on the main page of the site, just click the guitarnoise logo in the top right. And I'm a bit confused by your question about where the forum is... this is the forum, right here where you posted. Rather, this is is one of the forums, the Sunday Songwirters Group. If you want the list of forums, click the "Guitar Noise Forums Forum Index" link just below the guitarnoise logo.

Hope that help, and I'm looking forward to seeing you songs.

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The newsletter is sent out around the 1st and 15th of each month. You can subscribe through our Home page.

You can also find this week's song topic by clicking on the Sunday Songwriters Group forum in the main forum page. This is week 20, and the topic is to describe a driving journey.


A :-)

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