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Y14 W2 - 21st Centu...
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Y14 W2 - 21st Century Blues.

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Been without internet for a few days - wrote this last Thursday, connection's been awful for a few days. Hopefully it'll get through tonight and give me a few days to work on week 3!

21st Century Blues.

Don't have broadband, can't afford a landline,
Couldn't be worse off if I stood on a landmine,
Can't afford the rent because the bedroom tax,
Is too much to pay, the cards are stacked,
In favour of the rich and against the poor,
Always been that way, those who have want more!

Well they cut tax credits for working families,
There's no escape from the poverty squeeze,
Can't afford bus fares to the library,
To search for jobs online where the internet's free,
Benefits suspended, null and void,
One less statistic on the roll of the unemployed.

So you scrimp and scrape and scrounge to get by,
Ain't got no money, can't work out why,
Concil tax and housing benefits are gone,
You're getting deeper in debt as you go along,
You're fed a constant diet of lies without truth,
Welcome to the 21st Century Blues!

:-) :-) :-)


There's no escape, from the piverty

"Sometimes the beauty of music can help us all find strength to deal with all the curves life can throw us." (D. Hodge.)