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y7week18 strawberry fields in reverse

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hey :wink: missed a week again :oops: am back home now, too :D :cry: :D here goes.

re-wind-record disaster

strawberry fields, hear, strawberry fields in reverse
keep running in your yellow wellington boots
the soap bubbles tag along
like i do
with my paper bags of lone afternoons spent strolling about Stockholm
and the wind blows through
the bedrooms as we lie awake beneath red sewn up trees
and the wind blows through
the paper bags till they float northwards, escaping my pencil frame
and the wind leaves through our hair
but you look a little prettier and you are still a month older than me
strawberry fields in reverse, they sing of death
and we sing along at the top of our lungs
and we close our eyes and clench our fists
and the wind blows through the strawberry fields nailed to the tiled wall above your kitchen sink
until we doubt that rain showers washed my footprints away since they might as well
never have been there in the first place and it feels like strawberry fields forever

hm... title problem... for some reason i'd like to call it "we got pictures we got proof"... :lol: by the way, there's a great children's film i've once seen, wherein the message "paul is dead" is disocovered on the "strawberry fields forever" record (can supposedly be heard when playing it in reverse) :)


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no no. Paul is dead was on, I Am The walrus in reverse.

Anyway good song.

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Apparently, according to Paul.... Lennon says - 'Cranberry Sauce' at the end of Strawberry Fields.
And people believed him to be saying - 'I Burried Paul'.

Great Lyrics! :D

I liked a lot of the lines in combinations with each other....
my fav. solo line is - 'and the wind leaves thru our hair'

The lyrics actually remind me of a certain time in my life - and a certain bedroom, and the pleasant wind that would blow thru it while I would lie awake listening to 'the cars hiss by my window'.



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I enjoyed the read, too. :D I guess the best way to describe the feeling after reading it is ....dreamy...I reminds me of something like the past I should remember, but never had....henceforth a dream.

This is a line I like a lot:
keep running in your yellow wellington boots
the soap bubbles tag along
like i do

Thanks for sharing.