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I recently found the Sunday Songwriters Group. I know I'm a glutton for punishment, but is there a list of the previous lessons? :roll:

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Posted : 01/05/2004 3:50 am
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Hi Mike

If you scroll down through the various pages, you will find the SSG topic assignments in their original listing. The title will usually be written out in "full form" ("Sunday Songwriters Group - Week 24" or whatever week) and this year's assignments will have been started by Bob. In the last few pages you might still find some of last year's assignments and they will have been started by Nick.

By the bye, you should feel free to pop in and write up any assignment. You'll be more than welcome.

I hope this helps and I look forward to reading some of your material over on the SSG pages.


Posted : 01/05/2004 12:19 pm