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Question for the mods

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I have a question for the mods of GuitarNoise- the songwriting mods to be specific. If this is in the wrong section, please move it, I just couldn't find a better one.

Anyway, I was wondering if there's any topics we can't put up songs about. Song subjects, parts in songs (like 'no racist/sexist/ect lyrics') or anything.

Thanks in advance,

Posted : 22/12/2003 7:40 pm
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AFAIK there's never been anything in the songwriting forum pages which openly went to extremes of opinion or discrimination.

Obviously, it's your song - and we'll generally critique anything and everything. Don't forget though, this is a private site, and it's a family show, so everybody needs to practice some self-moderation. Ultimately, we want people to keep coming back, and if there are parts of the site that they can't let their kids view because of some extreme behaviour then we'll lose what  those members can contribute to the site. If you post some racy, sexy lyrics, then I personally don't have a problem with it; but others might.

Paul will have the final say, but I suspect if you post something and it's blatantly out on the edge, then you're likely to find it being deleted.


Alan :-)

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Posted : 23/12/2003 9:35 am
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It depends.

But it should hold to the general principles in the posting agreement.

Posted : 23/12/2003 1:08 pm