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Re: 4 Strings Or 5?

I got bitten by the 5-string bug two years ago, and ever since I bought my 5 string Washburn, I've regretted it. I'd probably be singing a different ...

13 years ago
Re: To Finger-pick or Use-a-pick

I think the reason many (well-intentioned!) bass players try to steer new players toward playing fingerstyle is because it's easier to learn something...

13 years ago
Re: Missing Ingredient?

First, thanks to everyone who viewed this topic and especially those who posted replies. It's great to feel like part of a community, albeit virtuall...

13 years ago
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Re: Advice 'bout the guitar

I agree with the previous posters but would submit the following caveat about choosing a Strat versus a Tele.For whatever reason, my playing style cau...

15 years ago