Guitar Noise Podcast #28 – Getting Beyond Basic Finger Picking

Hello to all!

And welcome to the long-overdue return of the Guitar Noise Podcast series. Since the May 2010 Guitar Noise Topic of the Month is Finger Picking (or it will be once May starts!), it seemed like a good idea to show how you can add simple techniques you already know from single note playing and strumming to spice up your finger picking playing as well.

In this Guitar Noise Podcast, we’ll start with a simple Travis style picking pattern with the G major chord and then add two interesting twists to it, one that will make you sound a little like Gordon Lightfoot and the other like Paul Simon. I hope you enjoy the lesson.

As always, please feel free to post your comments or to send them to me directly at [email protected] Thanks for listening and I look forward to chatting with you again soon.

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