Black Diamond Strings

In the world of guitar strings, it’s often hard to come to a decision regarding which ones you want to use. Strings should be one of our first concerns, yet we tend to figure that most of them are good anyway. Or that there are good strings and bad strings. Well, that statement is close enough.

Black Diamond Strings belong in the first category. With a wide range to choose from, they have something for everyone. Tone-wise, one can’t argue that they sound great. They also last long enough. Maybe not quite as long as Elixirs, but long enough anyway.

A nice feature of the set I tried was the fact that they were coated in black. Considering I set these on a guitar that had black jewelery, they looked incredibly nice! They sounded quite good. I’ve heard better, but not much. And as I said, they lasted long enough; more than the average strings anyway.

Black Diamond Guitar Strings

One thing about the coating though is that it doesn’t last very long. Where I pluck the strings with my right hand, the coating started going from my very first use. I do play with my fingernails and that may be the reason why. Along the neck, the coating disappeared as I used my Jetslide along the strings. However, the coating disappeared only where I used the Jetslide and that thing is made of brass. Still, I found that a little disappointing.

Still great sounding strings that won’t disappoint sound-wise.