eMedia Essential Rock Guitar

Everyone learns differently, that is to say that some folks find it easier to learn things one way as opposed to another. This is especially true when it comes to music. Some people can sit right down with a guitar and begin playing almost immediately. Some rely on hearing music examples to help them out. Others zero in on the teacher, watching his or her hands and then copying what they see.

If you’re a visual person, chances are likely that you find yourself learning better with DVDs than with books or books that only have audio CDs. And chances are likely that if you’re a beginner with the guitar, you’ll find eMedia’s DVD tutorials very helpful.

eMedia’s Essential Rock Guitar, for example, contains over forty-five lessons dealing with standard rock guitar subjects as power chords, palm muting and riffs and lead licks in various styles. Developed by Charles McCrone, who has been teaching for more than twenty-five years, these lessons are terrific for the beginning guitar player. The techniques are taught in “song style,” using songs written specifically for the lesson. Each song is very much in the style of a well-known artist or song (titles like “Rocky Be Goode” should give you a big clue) and while you may not learn the original songs themselves, you will only be a short intuitive leap from getting there.

This DVD has lots of nice little touches. Left handed players will be pleased to note that the “animated fretboard” feature comes both left and right handed. The “music tracking” function highlights the music on the screen, showing you visually where you are while you listen to it. The “tri-view” video offers you multi-camera views of the teacher, focusing clearly on both left and right hands. And all the instruction comes in Spanish as well as English.

There are also some downloadable bonuses, such as a tuner, metronome, digital recorder and a chord dictionary with over two hundred chords.

All in all, this is a nice package for a beginner. eMedia also offers DVDs for acoustic guitar and bass guitar, so be sure to check those out as well.