Gary Moore Tribute

Various Artists: Give Us More (Gary Moore Tribute)

More Gary Moore! Well, why not? Moore has always been one of my favorite guitarists. I first discovered him with the album Corridors of Power, then found him again with Greg Lake on his first two solo albums (Moore also toured with Lake in 1980).

Lion Music have released this tribute to his music and I say that it’s about time! Moore has definitely had a major influence on a whole generation of guitarists and of music lovers. For a full history, please read this article: A Tribute to Gary Moore, posted here at Guitar Noise with the kind permission of its author, Todd Seely.

With such artists as Joop Walters (The Loner), Mark McGee (Don’t Take Me for a Loser), Mattson (Parisienne Walkways) and many more (Moore?)… This album is sure to please anyone who enjoys the sounds of Gary Moore.

As far as tribute albums go, this is one of the best I’ve heard. It spans years of Moore’s work and the artists performing the material have given it all they have and it shows.

If you’re a fan of Gary Moore, you need this CD, if you’re a fan of great music, you’ll want this CD.

Gary Moore: Live At Montreux (DVD)

Eagle Rock are giving us the immense pleasure of viewing some of the Montreux Jazz Festival’s highlights through the release of a new series of DVDs called Live at Montreux. A great thing for all of us who have never had the chance to go there.

This edition highlights Gary Moore’s 1990 appearance, playing blues standards and some of his own. That show features him with the Midnight Blues Band and special guest Albert Collins. In addition, the DVD features three tracks from his 1997 appearance – all Moore standards, including the fabulous classic, Parisienne Walkways.

Gary Moore has always been one of my favorite guitarists. He’s good, he’s fast and he’s original. He’s not just shredding in order to shred, he does it because it’s what’s needed. I also find him to be one the most “feeling” guitarists around.

Watching him play at Montreux is truly a treat. Moore is definitely at his best, his playing is outstanding, as usual and he’s in perfect control of what’s happening. The audience seems to enjoy it and, watching this DVD, you’ll enjoy it too. I recommend watching it on a big screen with a good audio system to get the full impact.

In case you’re wondering: yes, the video is good quality and the audio is impeccable.

If you’re looking to see a great guitarist in action, I highly recomend this DVD. I also recomend a visit to Eagle Rock’s website to see what other Montreux treasures they have to offer.