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A Bass Players Question?

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I am learning bass basically by myself with the help of books, videos, internet, and by playing but need a question answered..........besides playing the root and root /5th. and root/3rd/5th., when do you actually use them in different songs. I mean, how do you know when to use them, when to use chords, etc. Thanks. :oops:


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If you don´t get more info here, you can go to the Bass dedicated forum
check the hotlesson 65 = Learning to Jam by Jesse Engel.
But I can recommend David Hodge book The Complete Idiots Guide to the Bass , it gives the answer to most of your bass playing questions.

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That's a good lesson Kalle.

Direct link: ="l&l=65&p=1"

Cavernplayer, be sure to check out the bass lessons on the GN home page as well.

My favorite thing about David Hodge's book is the "jam alongs" in which you play over a backing track using the information he goes over in the related chapter. Great way to learn! Here's a review of the book written by a forum member.


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