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I find it so hard t...
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I find it so hard to sing and play at same time...

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Ive found the better i know the song, the easier it is. But then still i can only do harmony, and not lead the song. And i end up compromising either my singing or playing.
Does anyone really know how to master this???

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I find it hard, though I don't sing lead or anything. I think it just comes down to playing the bass line *really* slow and seeing how your vocal line works with it and then going over and over with it. I remember trying to do Demolition Man by the Police, and wound up just having someone else sing it. The bass line was really syncopated and *off* from the vocal, though when I watched a video of the Police live, there he was (you know who), playing that line and singing it just like the record. I think it must be like playing a drum kit: you got that hand over there, doing that, and the foot is going down over there -- I just simply could never do it.

Hopefully it's not something that's just plain talent, so that the rest of us can have a hope :)

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There is a thread here somewhere...

Anyway, it is "well known" that singing while playing the bass is difficult because the timing is very different. There are several bassists who front their bands very well, but it's not easy.

I use this as my excuse for not singing, when actually it's a public service.


PS: We were in NZ in 2000. Christchurch to Auckland - wonderful country!

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I guess it's the same problem I counter as a guitarist to, when I try to play some basslines on my guitar. It's easy to play them while not singing, but when I start to sing I loose the rythm.