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Is there a cheap way to play bass through your computer?  


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03/01/2012 9:07 am  

My nephew is leaning the bass, but at this time does not have a amp. I had a old cheapy guitar amp that I tossed together for him, but it has sence broke. Is there a simple and cheap way to play a bass through your computer, game system, or souround sound system?? ive seen some that work for guitar, but wondering what the best way for bass is, till he can swing for a decent amp.

Paul B

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03/01/2012 7:54 pm  

I use a Korg Pandora 4. Although I use headphones, the tiny speakers in the laptops are not able to manage the low tones.

I bought the Pandora because I did read reviews and watched some videos. I am not sure if similar gear works also for basses. A friend discouraged me from the small Pods and from unplug directly to the sound card or hi-fi system.

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10/04/2012 10:58 pm  

I use the AmpliTube iRig with my iPod/iPad.

It allows you to load songs into it and then change the tempo as well as loop parts to work on particular sections of the tune.

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14/04/2012 2:33 am  

I use Garage Band on my iMac

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14/04/2012 8:58 am  

Thanks for all the ideas guys... Hes been kinda on hold with the bass thing for a bit now. [working on getting his car running] but im still searching for somehting so when he gets back to it.

Paul B


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