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Looking to buy a new amp - What should I look for?

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Ok, I currently have a Carlsbro amp 1x15" speaker with the usual bass, mid, treble, volume and gain controls but im looking for summit new?

What do you think I should go for?

Combo or a cab and head?

Also, What is best? Pedals for effects or built in effects on the head?


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I guess it depend on wether or not you are playing out in the pubs and wot. The bigger the venue, the more of an amp you'll need. If you aren't leaving your bedroom or garage for some time, then you won't need so much, eh.

My next bass amp is going to be an Ashdown 1x15 180 watts, sells for $300 US. No effects and I don't really feel they are too neccessary, except for a Wah pedal. I may add a Behringer Bass pod or Line 6 if I have the dough for some occasional effects. This amp would be sufficient for smaller venues, no problem. I don't think I'll ever need a 400 watt or more rig, though.

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Really? I payed $500 (plus tax) canadian for a 115 watt amp!
I feel ripped off! :x

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Here are some ideas:


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Whatever you do, don't buy an amp with a 15" speaker and no horn. I have a GK Backline 115, and while it can really thump, it really lacks definition in the high end. I just wish I didn't live in the middle of nowhere where there is no selection. I might have found a little better use of my almost 500 dollars.

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hi all, im attempting to try bass out cos the band im in dont have one,is it normal to play a bass with a pic cos ive tried using my fingers and im useless.. please help... :?

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