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starting bass?

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hi i want to start playing bass? do i need a bass right away or can i use an acoustic (guitar) how much will it cost me to get started? ???

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hey man nice to hear someone else starting bass i just bought an ibanez gsr200 and its pretty cool

it cost me 160 quid for the guitar and my amp was 110 pound so thats what i paid :)

good luck man

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hi! cost is going to depend on what you want. you could start with a package deal (generally a bass, 10 watt amp, tuner, cable, and gig bag) which runs from about $150-$350 depending on what brand you choose. i would suggest avoiding Silvertone, if you read my broken bass thread you'll know why. musicians friend has a good sale going on right now so you may want to check there for prices and details. good luck!

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when i started playing i get a squire p-bass special and i fender 15 watt amp. the amp was an a-ok starter, the bass was just ok. i would suggest ibanez to start. pakage deals are usually not the best way to go, but if your budget is limited go for it. remeber to shop around. oh yea, haggle down the price if possable ;)

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If you want to play the bass, then you need a bass.  It's as simple as that.  The guitar and the bass are two different instruments, and while knowing how to play one may give you insight into the other, they cannot substitute for each other.  I do recommend learning guitar as well, so if you have an acoustic guitar handy, then by all means, learn to play it, but don't try to learn bass on it.  Think of it as a seperate skill which will give you inroads to the world of bass playing.