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Beggining and looki...
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Beggining and looking for gear advice

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Hello everyone,

I've been seriously considering learning guitar for a while now, and I've decided to take the jump and buy my first guitar. I've been doing a lot of researching and it seems like the Squier Stratocaster seems to be a decent starter...but it seems like there's so many different versions and I have no idea what the differences between them are (Standard, SE series, Bullet, Affinity, etc), so I'm pretty much at a loss as to which kind I should be looking at. I'm looking to play mostly rock (check out for a download of the song that I'd eventually like to emulate years down the road)...thats the kind of stuff I'm interested in.

Also, I have a fairly limited amount of room to practice in (in which I share with a wife and 8 month old), so I'm wondering if there are any sorts of headphones that I can buy to plug into an amplifier, or headphones that act as an amplifier or whatever. Otherwise I'm sure my wife will kill me someday.

Thanks for the advice.