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beginners motivaton

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Nice KingPatzer, motivating indeed.

The black comment made me laugh actually, cause for so many Americans, when they hear the word "guitar" they think Hendrix.

What kinds of music do you like bud? Try listening to some great guitar work, whatever your into. Clapton, Slash, Hendrix, Beatles, The Who...Check some stuff out. Try some jazz (Joe Pass is the first name that comes to mind) try some hardcore blues (Muddy Waters, Buddy Guy) Try some classical guitar (insert classical guitarist here). Get motivated by listening to these guys, and going "I wish I could play like that!" and then doing something about it!

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Heya Jade,

Do you listen to Kenny Neal or maybe DuWayne Burnside? (Two guys who play the blues but have mixed in other styles and influences for a different sound.)

It's just that a traditional 12 bar blues is fairly easy to play once you learn the chords (you really only need three) and get your tempo down. Once you learn it you can start playing around with the chords and the pattern to get a more...updated?...sound.

Another plus is after you play it for a while you will start hearing bits and pieces of it in alot of r&b and rock music.

"Rock and Roll means well, but it can’t help tellin’ young boys lies..."

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If you like Rock more than r&b or blues a hell of alot of the Stones tunes were written and recorded using acoustic. THings like jumpin jack flash, street fighting man, honkey tonk women, brown sugar. A ton of beatles stuff was done on acoustic, as well as the eagles, james taylor, clapton, and on and on.
What kind of stuff do you like to listen to? Who makes you stop whatever you are doing and really listen?

Immature? Of course I'm immature Einstein, I'm 50 and in a Rock and ROll band.

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