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I am a Bass Player by trade and have had a couple guitars in the past. My last one was my best was a Squier limited edition butterscotch blond and I put Holy Grails in it. I really just cant play that much however I may try playing again. I have several amps so that want be a problem. I really dont want to sink much in one however I do want something that will play decent. I seen a couple under $100 however I know notrhing about them one is at Rondo Music.
The other at e-bay
Any suggestions or comments on these cheaper strat or even suggestions



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I had a young lady that stopped by last week that just purchased a jay turner strat black with a white pickup maple neck. really its not to far off from my Fender strats. It has a little more electronic noise, which can be fixed, the strings are definitely not cutting it. It does play nice and the setup isn't bad at all. Other than putting real strings on it, when its plugged into the amp that came with it doesn't make the noise like it did when I plugged it into my main rig.

Maybe worth a look.


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As I said in another topic, take a look at a Dean EVO XM, really amazing guitar for the measely $99 ity costs. Two relatively low-output buckers make this guitar perfect for warm & overdriven blues tones.

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My very favorite guitar is one of those Rondo Agiles, an AS-820 with the natural finish, mine being equipped with P-90s. I don't see the P-90 option currently on their site, but neither did I when I E-mailed them last year saying I sure wish they had one like that. Not long afterward, there it was on their site "Back By Request!" I'm sure it's a fine guitar with humbuckers, too, but I do love P-90s.

As for a "blues guitar," you can play blues on ANY guitar!

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Oh man, don't get me started with rondo...

Here are some that I'm GASing for right now: in Gold (I'd like one in red) In trans brown (Mmm.. ) in Black (I like the look of this one, but maybe without the pickguard) (I love the finish on this one)
I've got Rondo GAS! :lol:

I think the SX Strat would be fine, but I've heard that people dislike the plastic nut. This is easy to replace, and you can get it done by your local luthier for relitivly cheap, about 30 bucks or so for the service( And a setup so it doesn't buzz too much)... Nuts are pretty cheap too, about 5 or so bucks tops for a graphite one (That's good)...

Happy buying!

P.S. Arjen: It looks like they have that Dean guitar style, except with a real alder body instead of a basswood one.. Here are the links:

and the Dean: ="01340"

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That's cool, around here we only have Fender's like that, no clones. :( As of the Dean, I'd rather have basswood then alder in a humbucker guitar actually. There's a reason Ibanez uses it in their Artist Series. But I'm sure the Rondo is cool as well.

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I hate this all , and i hate it cauz they won't ship it to my place :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

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i hate it cauz they won't ship it to my place

But, I am guessing you could get a custom hand-made electric guitar in India for much less than almost anywhere else in the world..have you checked out that option?

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