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Can you help me play this song?

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The song is "I Will Follow You Into The Dark" by Death Cab for Cutie.
Here is a video -
And you can see at the beginning how he plays. Here is the tab -
So I'm still figuring out which fingers to use for some chords, but the thing I'm having the most trouble with is the strumming/picking whatever you call it. I looked at the video but I couldn't see what he was doing. I thought maybe a more advanced player take a look and help me out.
It also sounds like he's emphasizing the offbeat (or beats 2 and 4, depending what time signature you play it as) , but the chords change on the downbeat or beats 1 and 3.

So if anyone has any advice, please help :D
I never really 'learned' guitar, I just like to try playing some songs every now and then. I also could use some tips for finger picking, because it's kind of hard to get a nice sound without using my fingernails.

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All i can offer is to think about playing the E-A-D strings (lower and thicker) with your thumb and the other three with your index(G), middle(B), and ring(e) fingers. Good luck with that beautiful tune!

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Just want to point out that this song is using a capo (indicated in the tab and you see it on the video too) so if it's just not sounding right to you that might go along ways. I'm not really good at finger style playing but it looks to me like he's not playing it the way the tab is shown. I had an easier time getting it to sound right using a down stroke (hitting just the bass strings) and then a down/up stroke though the G/B was obviously arpeggiated. I'm better with a pick so if you are used to finger style playing you may have better results with the tab.