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Chasing Cars - Snow...
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Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol

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Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars has been my favourite song for months now. Tonight I decided to look at the tabs for it.. I used that tab as it was the highest rated.
1) Does that look correct to you guys?
2) Does anyone have a general idea of how the strumming pattern goes for the song?
3) How do I play the last 'Chorus Outro' part.. do I just mute the A string?
4) Do I play all the strings? Or just the strings that I cover? (eek. I forget!)
5) And finally, for the 755 chords I use my 1st, 4th and 5th fingers, then for the 674 I use my 1st, 3rd and 4th finger. Is that the right wy to do them?
Thanksss. :]

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Ahh, a nice song to learn; simple yet beautiful!

in answer to your Q's;

1) I dont think its 100% (the 3rd chord in the chorus, D, sounds a bit high to me) but to just play on your guitar alone it seems to be fine.
2) For the part of the song that are strummed, its just a steady beat of downstrokes - no upstrokes at all
3) Yes; i'd use my first finger on the E and my ring finger on the D, using the fleshy part of my first finger to mute the A string.
4) You only play the strings that have a number on them in the TAB (this song uses powerchords so you are only playing 2 or 3 strings while strumming)
5) Your finger numbering doesn't quite fit here - when you say 1st finger, which do you mean? If you are counting your pinky as 5th then your first is your thumb - and I doubt that you're playing powerchords with your thumb! Basically, if you are comfortable playing a chord a certain way, then do it that way - there is no "right" way, only commonly used finger formations.

Hope that helped!


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I prefer this guys Chasing Cars to the original:

I think thats cracking and its the song I'm trying to crack. Component parts-wise I am okay, putting it together I suck.

But I love learning!