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First Band Practice...
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First Band Practice!

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(I apologize if there was a thread on this earlier. I looked back a few pages and didn't find nothing on this topic recently I assume)

After 4 months of getting a guitar, practicing, reading tabs, doing scales, figuring out what music I like and what guitarist I want to be, I got several of my friends together (another guitarist/singer, a base player, and a drummer) and we organized a few songs to play at our first meeting. Most of us were nervous--we are all relatively new musicians, the drummer the most experienced one of the group. I'd never played in a setting with other people before and I knew I was in for quite an experience.

And, note: I was lead guitarist, so for the following songs (or the parts of the songs we got through) I played the lead, solos and all.
We played:
"Wish You Were Here" --Pink Floyd
"The Freshman" --Verve Pipe
"My My, Hey Hey" --Neil Young (Hey, two songs so far that are lessons on this site? Guess who helped organized the songs! Me.)
After these, which we did OK in, with a lot of mistakes, goof ups, and lessons learned along the way, they wanted me to play, and we played, the following two songs:

"Sweet Child O' Mine" --Guns 'n Roses (up to the end of the first solo between the verses) and
"Jessica" by the Allman Brothers. (Until the piano solo)
'Sweet Child' went okay...but "Jessica" I just hit a groove and ran away with it. I've been able to play these two songs up until the designated stopping points because from day 1 I knew I wanted to be lead guitar--so I've been practicing these for quite a while. Not too bad for 4 months in.

Anyways, enough talking. I am thrilled I can actually say I have played, if not in a band, then in a band setting. What was everyone else's first experiences like? Stage fright? The jitters? Like mine? Terrible experiences? I'm curious how everyone else fared when they made the jump from solo to a group.

And I had no idea this post would turn out so long :)

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Encolpius, that sounds like a fun time there. Four of yooze, and all about the same area of skill. You didn't overload the song list either. Sounds like you gnawed off a good first bite.

How were their reactions? Does it look like this group will continue?

I've never played with a band. I did bash my way through a few stones tunes with my son on base (barely learning it now) and my wife on the skins (her first time). Did that for an hour or two. No-one lost an eye and only one of us still isn't talking to us. just kidding

I didn't have no jitters at all. I was the "expert" on board, so to speak. Now, when my brother-in-law plays with me, I am so "yes sir", "no sir", etc. He's really good and I'm sure I'm dishonoring his cred just by him talking to me.

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Playing with a band is great fun and is a fantastic way to improve your playing. Congrats.

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Good for you Encolpius!! Its always fun to play with other musicians. I think the first time is always a little bit nervous if you dont know the guys.. but I am impressed at what you guys accomplished.

Keep it up

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Excellent; congrats!

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how fantastic. sounds like you put together a perfect foursome. I think the jitters and excitement you felt is shared by anyone that has played with others....especially for the first time. it should be interesting the next time. I hope you all keep it up.

you know, one thing I like best when playing with the room is not so quiet when I stop playing. I don't feel I have to fill in all the spaces. playing solo, I tend to overdo things.

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Sounds like a great time ! 8)

Keep it up.

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Cool you got into that situation! I remember when I was in my first jam session. There were maybe ten or so people. I only tuned my guitar like four times and never played one note with the group. I sucked and could not see myself playing in a group setting.

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Sounds like you had fun! And, that's one of the most important things about playing with others! It's fun! Hope you get to do it again soon! :D

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My old band used to play Sweet Child :D The other guitarist was a GNR fan. He did the leads on that one since he already knew the song. I never did bother to learn them. :lol: It is a very fun and exciting experience. I wish you and your group the best!

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As has been already mentioned several times (which must mean that we cant all be wrong! :wink: ) playing with others is one of the best things about playing an instrument.

Good luck to you and your band


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Way to go, glad you had a great time.

And anybody who can play Jessica is good, no matter how long they have been playing. :wink:

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Awesome. It's a whole new level of playing. I love playing in the various garage bands I've played in. :)