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The Blues

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Anyone got any nice Blues licks they'd like to pass on to a fellow player? 8)

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One of my favorites (and you hear quite often) is in the 1st position of minor pentatonic (tabbed as if you are in key of E)


I use ring finger on 2nd fret, slide to 4th (putting my index finger on 2nd fret at the same time), middle finger on 3rd fret on B string. Then pick off ring and index finger.

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Tabbed in key of A pentatonic (of course works for all keys) one of these little licks always seems to make it into my improvs...
Pretty basic but as part of a solo it works
e |-----------------------------------------------------------------|
B |-------------5---------5---------5--------------------------------|
G |-------7^--------7^-------7^-----------------etc------- --------|
D |-------------------------------------------------------------------|
A |-------------------------------------------------------------------|
E |-------------------------------------------------------------------|

Its a nice little 'tension builder' , its up to you where you take it from there. Just screw around with it.


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it isn't a lick, but watch as much youtube as you can of guys like Luther Allison, Albert Collins, SRV, B B King, Magic Sam, etc. There's an attitude in soloing that is very blues. A commanding presence that can't be feigned. Get that down, and you'll be one hell of a blues player. Miss it, and you'll be a rock player using some blues licks.

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got to love the youtube.
search for Buddy Guy. he has a series of blues licks. he shows you his fingers and where they go. really good stuff.

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I have got to give you only 12 bar blues.