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from uke to e-guitar

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Hi to all,
after some time playing ukes and mini guitars I would also like to try a short-scale/travel size electric guitar.

I literally know nothing about electric guitars so I'm here to ask for some help.
I don't know if this would become something serious or not so I decided to set my budget to about 200 eur, amp included.

I would like a single cut but I would also consider strat/tele guitars if they are better from a quality point of view. For sure I'm not interested in headless or ministar-like guitars or guitars with an aggressive shape (metal-like).

After some googling and music store trips this is what I found (in no particular order):

Dean Evo Mini
Dean Evo Junior
Dean Playmate Evo J 3/4 Size
Stagg L250 3/4 Mini LP
Epiphone Express
Squire mini strat
Hofner Shorty (I'm not totally convinced about this one)

Feel free to add other brands and models if I miss them.

Which one is better from a quality and playability point of view? Please take also into consideration the moddability of each guitar in your replies. I understand that I can only get low-end guitars with this budget, but maybe I can upgrade it later.

As an additional note, the 3 music stores around here only have the Epiphone Express and the mini Squire and, at the moment, I don't know if they can order other models for me. If not, I'll need to buy via internet (thomann or amazon).

As a final request, I would also be happy to ear your suggestions for a decent amp.


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If it is your first experience with guitars, try to go to a local music store and ask to the salesmen, they will recommend the best guitar to you in your price range.

Welcome to GN.