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Hello everyone Ive been teaching myself how to play guitar but sadly I'm too broke to afford a one on one teacher experience even though I would really like it. Right now I'm using gibsons learn and master guitar with Steve krenz. is this a ok book to use? Any other ones I should look into? It's a pdf file I downloaded by the way.

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Not familiar with that book but I would recommend for beginners. It's a free website and very good.

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The Learn & Master Guitar series is on Amazon. It looks expensive, but it comes with DVDs. Reviews on it seem generally positive. I think DVDs and videos can be a "next best" way to learn, if you can't afford lessons from a local instructor.

Here's another vote for It's my favorite free site besides Guitar Noise.
Justin Sandercoe has a number of free lessons on YouTube, and if you're looking for a book, he has several available, some of which are on Amazon. Proceeds from book sales go to supporting the video lessons.

I find it easier sometimes to work from a book, rather than a video. For those times, I've saved some of David Hodge's GN lessons as Word documents, and printed them out. While that doesn't provide the audio (MP3) files that help you to know if you're playing it right, sometimes it's just good to get away from the computer and read through something on paper while you're figuring out a song.

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I found Truefire stuff pretty amazing, especially Angus Clark's courses. You have everything in one place , video, tab, tracks. Those are more lower intermediate . Steve Krentz's stuff is best what I saw, he has a general beginner , then a fingerstyle dvd pack, and another which teaches songs. Absoluely free, BUT in Portuguese is Cifra Club channel on Youtube. They have lessons for all possible levels and all kinds of instruments, and all the cool songs, but everything is in Portuguese, which is not that bad, because you see what they are doing, and you also see the tab and fingering on the screen in real time. I don't speak Portuguese, but I can understand Italian pretty well so I managed it.

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I had the following book when I was just starting out: Guitar for Dummies.

You can check it out on Amazon, it's a great resource.

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