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Help! How does this thing work?

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Shubb capo for 12 string guitar. From the picture, can anybody tell me how it works? I've tried turning the black thing, but I can't get it to tighten.



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Well first of all put the large pad over the strings and the small on the back of the neck. After that I'm assuming you want to close the little lever with the screw in it so that it locks the whole thing together. The screw looks like an adjustment to account for different thicknesses in the neck, so you'd want to adjust it just long enough that it's snug when the whole thing is on the neck and closed. Key thing is you'll have to close it on the neck, then keep opening it and tightening the screw and closing again until it gets the proper length to keep the whole thing tight when it's closed.

This is just my guess at looking at it, but that's what I'd try.

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I haven't used a capo like that, but there's an animation here that might help you out:

Looks like the bottom lever is supposed to snap in.

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I have a Shubb for 6 string that is like that. You just place it around the neck with the short curved part on the bottom of the neck and then squeeze it closed. The straight bar with the screw will clamp against the short curved piece and hold it tight. You can adjust the screw to get the proper fit, and once adjusted you shouldn't need to move the screw again unless you use it on another guitar.