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Help with F#m...

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Topic starter I am working on Thunder Road and this...chord from...aghhh....I need more fingers?...bigger fingers?...a different chord?

Am I missing something? How do you guys play it? Can I sub Fmaj for it or will it sound wrong?

(I would play both and decide but when I put my fingers on the board to try the thing and they just laugh at me)

help.... - Kit

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Hi Kit:
It's a barre chord. You lay your index finger across the second fret and use your pinky and ring finger on the fourth fret of the fifth and fourth strings.

Here's a good introductory lesson on barre chords: Acoustic Guitar Magazines Barre Chord Lesson.
If that link doesn't function to take you directly to the lesson, you can find it on the site.

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There's a half barre version
I had a quick look in a chord book and I don't see any easy substitutions, though maybe someone else knows of one.

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Easy F#m 20X222 Thumb on low E and barre the first 3 frets letting you barre finger just touch the D string enough to mute it or you can Substitute F#m7 202222 (I think that's right) same as abouve except you barre the first 4 strings without muting anything.(again use the thumb on the low E string)

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I like the thumb over the top trick...most times.
but there is nothing like a barred F maj chord that is nailed tight. those long strings really resonate.

here's a good way to nail a barre F.

your thumb must be on the back of the neck and pointing towards the headstock.
there's no other way.
it'll take some hand strength, but that will come with time.

good luck

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Topic starter  

Thanks guys. I would have responded earlier but I got so frustrated I think I gave myself a tension headache.

I am trying out some of the partials you guys suggested. I have enough hand strength, I just have trouble reaching all the spots.

I'll keep practising...thanks again - Kit

"Rock and Roll means well, but it can’t help tellin’ young boys lies..."