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Holding a guitar pick correctly

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I have been playing guitar with a pick for about 7 months now and I stumbled upon a problem. I don't think I'm holding the pick in a completely correct way. I hold it between my index finger and thumb. I don't have any problems with my thumb ( it's straight). The problem is my index finger. I don't know if it is okay to bend it. It feels really uncomfortable to play while having the part of my index, that's holding the pick, completely straight. It feels better if I bend it so it's tip is pointing diagonally towards my wrist. Please give me advice on this and tell me if my current holding is correct. Thank you!

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I kind of play with my index finger pressed on the pick. I play with a jazz iii and that's just much more comfortable than any tortex. It took me a while to find a comfortable medium too though. You'll get it soon.

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