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I could use a little advice here

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Hey Guys and Gals,
I was planning first to learn an acoustic but then I changed my mind to an electric. There is already a used acoustic here so I want to know what are the chords I should learn before I go out and buy my electric?

Thanks in advance,

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Em, Am, A, C, D, E, G, FMajor7, F, E7,A7, Dm, D7, B7, G7....Not to mention the 1000 others, but these should keep you busy. If I were you I wouldn't be so quick to buy an electric. An acoustic is better training till you advance a bit

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Yup, those are the basic chords you're gonna need for many songs.

However, learn on what you want to play. You want an instrument that'll make you want to pick it up.

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I have only been learning since November 2004 , I still can't play too well
Iam very slow though :lol: :lol:

Can I advise OPEN G , EM, D , E .. chords for starters when you can move smootly from one to the other ,

Learn A , Am , C ... then add them into your little mix

That's 7 chords to make your self feel good and out of them 7 chords there are so many songs to learn ...

Then comes Barre chords such as F , Bm ect ......

Power chords ...

My advise G / EM / D /E ( they are the easiest ones to learn to move your fingers around ) there are others like Cadd9 and so on ...But these are are the ones I advise you ...

Electric or acustic ? Acustic is there learn to play on that , not a big difference , only sound and volume in the beginning ...

I own 3 guitars

1 electric / 1 acustic / 1 acustic -electric ( can't play none of them too good )


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I'd start with G,C,D there are thousands of song with just those three chords.

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Check out Absolute Beginner, Part 1.

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I'd suggest Cmaj, Amaj, Gmaj, Emaj, Dmaj.
Those chords will give you a I, IV, V progression (used in millions of songs) in A, D and G

Then, I suggest you add Fmaj.
That will add C.

Then add Amin, Dmin, Gmin and Emin.
That will give you the same progression in Amin and Dmin, plus a I, vi, IV, V progression in Cmaj and Gmaj.
Key I (vi) IV V
Amajor A D E
Cmajor C (Am) F G
Dmajor D G A
Gmajor G (Em) C D

Aminor Am Dm Em
Dminor Dm Gm Am

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All the replies here are good. Learn all the basic "open" chords. Learn to change cleanly between them. Learn different strumming paterns. This site (GuitarNoise) is a great place to start.

As far as what to learn on, acoustic or electric. The acoustic is already available which brings down the cost, free is always nice. But as Taso said, the guitar has to make you want to play it. Some acoustics are difficult to play because of high action (distance between the strings and frets), electrics are more easily adjusted. With electrics you can get lighter weight strings which are easier to play than standard acoustic strings. With the electric there is also the added cost of the amplifier, but decent "beginner packs" are easy to come by and are reasonably priced. There are so many variables in what you ask. If you like the acoustic you have, are comfortable with playing it and enjoy it I would start there. Bring it in to a local music shop, have them check it out and invest in some new strings. (I suggest getting the lightest weight strings they stock). Most of all, have fun.


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Ummmm....what everyone else said.

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I agree with everyone in regards to learning all the open chords since besides all the songs you can play, They will help strenthen your hand/fingers. If on the electric I would also include power chords since thye are used widely in "electric" music.

As for what guitar to play...again good's your choice. I can tell you that when I started 10 months ago I was like you...I already had an acoustic and started playing the open chords. Then I took a trip to one of the local guitar shops to buy a metronome and a few other things. Well I walked out with the Behringer Starter Guitar Pack and I must say...the electric guitar got me hooked! I now have 4 electrics and the same acoustic. But I don't really play the Behringer anymore :cry: however I do mix it up between the acoustic and electrics. Make a list of the songs you like then see what guitar is used to play them. This will help you to choose.

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D minor is another fun chord

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the Open D chord while your first starting out can make things sound darn good by just playing around

hold your open D CHORD ... then add your little finger to the bottom string ( I don't want to get all proper names with things as your just starting out )

run your pick in a down ward fashion that form the D CHORD then add little finger and play bottom string again .

By just adding the little finger the sound can form some very nice little riffs ...

Pluck the D chord slowly down then slowly up ...and think of REM ... I bet you can name the song ...hey your playing music so soon ....

What every one elase said is very good advise

Take care

Enjoy your music let it be fun



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