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I have two guitars ...
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I have two guitars should I Learn on the good one?

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Save the Esteban for camping trips. Good guitars shouldn't be exposed to the elements. Use the Carvin for everything else.

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I had two guitars, one better than the other whilst I was learning. The worse one had a higher action and a much wider neck. I used to learn on the good one mostly, but I'd use the other *often*. About 80%-20% split or so. That way I was learning the actions without undue restriction, then once it was learned I was building up finger strength and getting used to not relying on one guitar to be able to play. It's served me well, I think, but I'm no expert :) - Guitar Chord/Scale Finder/Viewer

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My first acoustic was very hard to play. I used my electric mostly. Funny, now that I have 30 years experience, I can make a guitar like that play a lot better, but I don't need to. :? It had issues with both high action and a nut that was not cut deep enough. Would have made a nice slide guitar. :wink:

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just play the one you like the most, the one who gives you that special feeling when you're holding it. that's your answer.
and if there's no feeling, you should practice a lot, if it doesn't come.. just buy yourself another one :)

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This is exactly what happened to me except I had the esteban master class and a Dean V-wing. What i did and still do today is use the esteban when I start something new and work on it for a few hours then switch to the Dean. My playing becomes instantly better (the dean also has a much nicer tone). I find the esteban to be a good exercise guitar and once I get something going on it, it's much easier with the better dean. I did have the action lowered a bit on the esteban and Martin strings put on it which made it a bit better and it's a great travel guitar when you don't want to worry about getting the other one messed up. Use both.

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The Carvin is LEAGUES above the Esteban in EVERYTHING from hardware to electronics.

The Esteban is a VERY entry level guitar and is basicly good for one thing.. having people play it and realize they need something else.

I would keep it around.. always good to have a second.. raise the action and turn it into a slide guitar or something.. but it is mostly a toy for all practical purposes.

If someone ONLY had the Esteban guitar my advice would be different.. but as you have a choice of quality vs a bad toy, go for the quality, you will learn quicker on a more responsive fun guitar.

Just my 2 cents.

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I'm still on a reasonably cheap, low end acoustic. (But I play it a lot)

And a totally cheap absolutely no value electric, which I play whenever I get it put together. (Project guitar)

If you have the Carvin, play it. But for learning how, it doesn't really matter WHAT you play, as long as you always play.

Last night, I was at a party at a friend's house who's a semi pro. He'd been screwing around with the guitar (a high end ovation electric acoustic) for a bit, then handed it to me. And WOW does it have a nice sound and feel. I was like "is that ME playing?"

But just keep playing.


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