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is a three finger f...
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is a three finger fret hand possible?

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I've suffered a number of hand injuries since I started playing...first realization- a LOT of guitarists I admire never had much use for the pinky. (Jimmy page had four fingers? Who knew?)

Second realization- you don't have feeling in your pinky. That's a serious limitation, but don't sell the little guy short. It may be that, even without sensation, it can work as a second finger alongside another for some chords. If you still have mobility in it, you can do something with it. Maybe just muting a string occasionally...

But whatever you do- you can find a way to play, if you want to. How well you'll play depends on your drive, determination, talent, vision, doesn't depend on your fingers, really. Ask Django.


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I agree with the other replies on here.
Yes you can play with 3 fingers. I am pretty sure Tony Iommi from Black Sabbath lost a finger and he plays pretty darn fine!
You can adapt your playing style to suit. I don't use my little finger too often. Could still do most things on the guitar without it if I think about it.

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If you watch Clapton he hardly ever uses his pinky.

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You could use even two if you desired yet it would be a lot more work. Using three makes the task much easier. Using all four is not necessary but, with practice, can lead to much faster playing.

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You don't say in your post what style of guitar you enjoy playing. I also had an accident to my fret hand and lost the tip of both my 3rd and ring fingers. I play acoustic finger style. I tune my guitar by raising the B string a semi-tone to C. Then many chords in the key of C can be played very effectively with only two fingers.

Works well for fingerstyle
Works ok with a plectrum.

Great for folk/country style music. not going to win you any friends in the heavy metal department probably.


really odd , i have the same injury and i tune the same way ... i would love to speak with mlegge sometime ...

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Just because you can't follow what others do doesn't mean you won't end up leading the parade.

Great sentiment. :D

Fascinating account of Django's playing too. Thanks for posting the details, most interesting.

@ heyjason, just for fun click on the link below and then close your eyes and listen to the music for a little while without looking at how they are playing it. :)

When you open them and watch, you'll see yet another intriguing way of doing it. But do listen for a little while first without looking.

Cheerful Guitar



Great video!

I posted this one in another thread but I guess its appropriate here in terms of making do with what you have:

Quite incredible.

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