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Is my guitar suppos...
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Is my guitar supposed to do this?

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Hi there guys, 1st post and 2 things!

1. I recently got back into playing guitar 10 years after leaving school and got myself a newbie strat style guitar to learn on. When I hold the guitar and rest my right arm on the body, I notice that it makes the strings pitch increase slightly, like the body is flexing and tightening the srings - is this normal? Would blocking off the tremolo fix it?

2. When I play a chord, or play some notes, unless I place my finger right before the actual fret wire, I get buzz - is this normal? Are you supposed to press anywhere on the fret to play a note?

I removed the crappy strings that came with the guitar and fitted some extra light GHD boomers and setup the guitar afterwards following a guide (the neck relief seems spot on, and I have the strings 1/8" (3mm) high and I have fixed the intonation).

Thanks for your help guys


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sounds normal. your right arm/hand is resting on the bridge and relaxing the springs; you detune slightly.
have you noticed that when you bend one string all else detunes? normal.
never fret on top the wire. think of your finger as a nut (like the one at the top of the neck). the string bends over the fret wire. any buzzes are typically the players fault when starting out.