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Jhon Gomm - Passion Flower

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first, because its my first post, sorry if anything is wrong :)
also, my english, especialy guitar and music term, are not very good, so i might not be very accurate.

i bought the notes/tabs from the official site, but im having truble playing it. I have'nt found any cover versions' or lessons that can help me. to be more specific, I'm currently stuck at the part before he starts tuning the guitar (a lot of taping, sorry, not sure about the term), and them, when he starts with the main theme thing, all the druming parts are not very clear to me (the official tabs aren't that great, but it might be just me)

so, anyone can play it and advice, or know where i can find some help?

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I had a lot of trouble trying to play this track and sooner or later other stuff took over and I had to give up. All I can suggest is watching the video of him playing it and watching some cover videos of it on youtube while you're learning it to gain different perspectives. I'd like to see a video when you get it right though!



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