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Let ring & acoustic

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hi all,

sometimes at the start of a transcription ill see it marked as 'let ring' or 'acoustic'

firstly let ring - what does this mean exactly, how long should i let the notes ring for, to the end of the bar, the next chord change or until its physically impossible the hit the next note without moving? is it ok to ignore the usual note lengths? do i still mute the notes at a rest sign? (slightly obvious that one, but im trying to be indepth :D )

second - acousitc. does this simply mean that it's to be played on an acoustic guitar or is it played differently to how i'd normally play it on an electic, given the lack of sustain on an acoustic?

please help clear this up for me :)


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Let ring is usually till the next chord change, as far as the acoustic it just means there are more than one guitar you can play it with a dulcimer if you want obviously if you do play it with an electric ut won't sound the same.

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Let Ring means just that - don't damp the strings. You'll usually see it applied when you want open strings to continue sounding throughout but the notes are written as (say) standard crotchets/ quarter notes. Sooner or later you'll strum those strings again anyway.


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