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Loney Day

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So i choosed to try to learn Lonely Day by 'ststem of a down' but i have a few questions

What is the 2nd and 4th chord called, i knwo where to put my fingers but i would like to know the names too, Else it goes like this (in my head) Am-?-C-? - PLease tell:D

also, it says to turn down the tuning Down to D or down to Db ( cant figure, different sites different tabs ) Tho on Guitar pro5 which i use right now it Says Tuning down D, so what should i tune them down too ?? i have an electric tuner, so just tell me the name that would be great

In advance- thanks

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Slowhand, I don't know the song, but as for the tuning....

If tuning down to D, tune each string down a full semitone from standard tuning, ie instead of tuning to the normal EADGBE, tune the strings to DGCFAD. If tuning down to Db, tune each string down a further semitone to Db Gb B E Ab Db. You may find in such a low tuning as the Db you may need thicker strings than you're used to - if you use 9's or 10's, you may need at least 11's.

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I used to play some SOD songs, and they usually all had the same tuning. First, you tune all strings down one whole step. So instead of EADGBE (low to high strings), now your tuning will be DGCFAD. Now you need to tune your bass E string only down an additional whole step to C. So now your tuning will be CGCFAD. This is a very typical down tuning.

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