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Looking for electric teacher in NYC

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After a few false starts, I finally have found a great teacher and am making real, if excruciatingly slow, progress in my playing. I must still regard myself as pretty much a beginner. (The slowness is due to a combination of innate lack of talent, and lack of time (work, kids) to practice as much as I'd like; I'm enjoying myself though.)

Though I love my teacher, she does exclusively acoustic, and I'm focusing on fingerstyle, which is my main acoustic interest. But I also want to play electric, and I've been thinking that it's time to find someone for the occasional lesson on this side of things (this would be in addition to my current lessons, not instead of). My interests here are pretty standard electric blues/classic rock.

Can anyone recommend a teacher in New York City for this? I'm specifically concerned with finding someone who's focussed on teaching; I had poor experiences with lessons from two different people who were working musicians, and though they played great, one was so focused on theory that I never played anything, and the other would just have me imitate him without really explaining things or writing anything down, and I'd get lost the second he left.


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If Brooklyn (Park Slope) isn't too far for you, I highly recommed Tom Millioto.
I have heard really good things about him. I was going to take lessons with him myself but couldn't
becuase of scheduling conflict.

You can take a "test" lesson with him to see if he will suit your needs.
Although his proficiency is in classical guitar, he has a bunch of students who learn electric exclusively.
He told me that he began by playing blues based rock on electric and enjoys teaching it very much.

You can get more info from

Good Luck
- Vic

P.S Let me know how it goes if you do decide to take lessons with him.

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I will PM you later with a teacher in Fort Greene who you might like.