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One Small Chord Pro...
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One Small Chord Progression.....

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OK, it is almost midnight and I have been working away at a basic chord change from G to C to D to G. Trying to get it where I strum on each beat of the metronome and then switch chords after four strums (or beats)....(metronome set to 80 bpm). Anyway...been hacking at this off and on for two hours. Fingers feel like they are gonna bleed but I don't mind that much....determination.

Then, out of no where, my fingers just started knowing where to go. I mean I still wasn't hitting the metronome every time, but I was changing chords without looking and landing them 75% of the time. My fingers seemed to remeber where to go. It was amazing. I was so excited and there is no one around here to tell, so I figured it was worth a post. I haven't been this excited since I was a kid at Christmas or since my divorce was final, not sure which, but it was pretty cool. Anyway, thought you guys would at least appreciate it.

Tomorrow, I shall smooth it out, hit the metronome and move to another progression.



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Heh, we have all been there bro. Its the greatest feeling in the world to feel the progress and see your hands move with speed and ease..

I remember the first time I learned a little blues shuffle I almost cried from joy. (a little 12 bar bit)

Not to sound like a pro (Which Im Not). But building your hands muscle memory is an important step in the process.

Keep plucking man, its worth it.


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That's plucking fantastic mate. :D

It's a great feeling when it finally starts to "happen".

It starts with one or two chords, then it's a sequence of chords in the same key, then some another key and so on.

But the first time that you get that feeling of "hey, my fingers knew where to go" is really a magic moment. 8)

Cheers, Chris

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Congrats. I had the same thing happen to me last week. Great feeling. After I got the four strums down, I started this one which ups the ante a bit:


..two strums each then switch to the next one.

Haven't got it yet, but I'm oh so close.

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That's terrific.. Way to stick with it. There will be up moment and down moments. Some days I am like... "I played that perfectly last week" but you just hang in there and remember these great times when all the hard work does start to pay off.


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wow. that sounded like a gruelling session.
glad to hear your fingers are getting memory.
dont ya love it!

there are so many rewards in learning an instrument.

just this weekend I found myself playing something i never thought of. I used my pinky too. that little guy has always been my weak spot.
guess he got some muscle. I nailed a two fret stretch with it.

glad to hear of you progress. major props.

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After a gruelling little session like that, and you think you've just wasted two plucking hours and then it all falls together and it's all been worth it, and you want to play for two plucking more...!

Nothing motivates you so quickly as the sign of some progress.

Well done mate.

Mart. :D

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I know it's a great feeling when something comes together.

One comment that is made regularly on here is "keep at it and one day you will forget that you could not do that".

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verrrry kewl i remember feeling that way also when things finally started to klik. congrats!

now on to even more frustrating acomplishments :wink:


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That is great, You have hit a milestone in your playing.
Now that your fingers know where to go you can concentrate on other things.
You can now look at Chord TABs for songs (with the chords your fingers know) and follow the TAB since you no longer have to closely watch your fingers.
Now that you have the "feel" for it other chords will fall into place much faster.
Congratulations :D