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Pedal Question

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I have a pedal question. More specifically, a distortion pedal question. I use a Digitech Grunge and was wondering what effect the level knob has on the amount of distortion. So far, all I can tell is it makes the sound louder.

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Don't own this pedal, but I looked it up.

Digitech Grunge Pedal

Loud= volume control
Low= dials in how much low frequency you want
High= dials in high frequencies
Grunge= this is your gain, it determines how distorted the signal sounds.

Often when you turn up the gain (Grunge) it will increase the volume as well. So you can turn the volume down using Loud. Use Low and High to get the tone you like.

If you want a slight breakup or distortion, turn grunge down and turn loud up. If you want super distortion, turn grunge up and loud down.

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