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Possible tuner and ...
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Possible tuner and string/headstock problem...

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I've got a couple of problems.

First off the guitar i've got is a Westfield E4000 (Les Paul Copy).

The first problem is that for some reason my tuner (it's a Fender) when i'm tuning the guitar, tells me that i'm playing a completely different string :? Example: I'm playing the fourth string and it's saying i'm playing the 2nd. It got annoying today, because I managed to tune the fifth and sixth strings but when it came to the fourth one it was saying it was either the fifth string or the second string. I was playing the fourth string - trying to get it in tune for about five minutes and then *snap* the string broke.

I was just wondering if there's something wrong with the tuner? Or whether it's just normal or if the strings are going out of tune really quickly.

My second problem is that since the fourth string has snapped, I played the first string on it's own and a buzzing sound started coming from the headstock :? Anyone have any ideas to why it could be doing that? (I didn't have the guitar plugged into the amp by the way).

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I think that you are tuning to the right note but in the wrong octave.

First thing to do is to buy a new set of strings (you should normally change an entire set at one time).When you've put the new strings on, read my article on this very subject, perhaps it can help you

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