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Problem with strumm...
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Problem with strumming

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I found it difficult to coordinate mi right hand whit the time and the DUUDDUDU (down-Up) movement. What can I do to improve it???, is an exercise for this?? Or just only practice??

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It's mostly only practice since you're only doing DUDU. I would suggest slowing the tempo down and then slowly working your way up to the normal speed. It might be a bit boring to begin with but you'll get the hang of it soon enough. Use a metronome and slow the tempo down till you are able to get each strum correctly. Then slowly increase the tempo. Don't worry if you are messing up the left hand positions a bit. You'll get the strumming down pretty quickly, then move on to getting your left hand positioning more accurate.

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One key is to keep your right hand moving up and down and then just don't hit the strings all the time.

As mac said start slow just strumming DuDuDuDu etc and then once you get hang of that try not hitting the strings on the second down strum so you end up with DuuDuDu etc. Hopefully you get the point then just keep changing it around and skip different beats.

And don't worry to much if it just doesn't click right away, for some people strumming is second nature and the learned it quickly for others it may take some time. (I was one of the later)

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