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Proper Pull-Offs

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Hey guys, I'm new here and I've been playing the guitar for about a year now (lightly, due to most of my time being taken up with sports.) but now that they're over I find I have alot more time to practice and I can put in about 3 hours a day. My playing has improved greatly, but I still can't seem to get pull-offs right. I've always wanted to play things like the Intro to Thunderstruck by AC/DC, but for some reason my fingers are too heavy for the thinner strings. I can make the pull-offs sound right on my E, A and D strings, but when I get to the G B E my fingers bend it out of whack and it sounds crummy. Does anyone recommend any exercises, tips, techniques to help me out?

Thanks in advance.

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Just do slow and controlled thrills on the first string. Play a note, hammer on to the next one and do a pull-off. All the three notes should be clearly played and be defined. As soon as you control it at slow speed start to increase the tempo. If you start fast it's easy to pretend being decent at them as the rapid hammers will increase the volume back to what it should be. Practicing at slow speed really requires strong and defined pulls as the hammers will be spread out more. If you work with a metronome you'll also be practicing your rhythm and will help wonders cleaning up the faster part.

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There is an article here on GuitarNoise that might help:

and here's a similar article on the Acoustic Guitar Magazine site:

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Thanks Boogie

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