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One more time I don't know if this is the correct forum... I post here because we, the beginners, use the search option to look for information or other opinions.

When you use the search option, you can not search for whole phrases. For example, I'm trying to get some opinions on the book "How to Write Songs on Guitar". If I select "Search for any terms or use query as entered", I get 416 pages of threads. The word "guitar" appears in a lot of different topics. When selecting "Search for all terms", we get only 6 pages of references. Using this option I am not able to refine the search.

Using the Google's "Advanced Search" option we can reduce the search, obtaining only the pages (only threads or even pages in the static site) in which appears the terms.

For the example we are considering, we will wrote "How to Write Songs on Guitar" in the "with the exact phrase" box and "" in the "Domain" box. We obtain 6 cites.

Like Vic said yesterday in another post, it is a simple tip and I don't know if somebody uses something similar. It seems interesting to share it with you.


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I always use google to search sites - much easier, and far better results. You don't even have to go to the advanced page though. Just type: "search term here"

Or you could refine it to the forums: "seach terms"

Then of course there are a million different search modifiers you can use to help refine the results. :)

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well google and any other search engine is going to search the net and find any site or link trhat contains that word....
if you really want to be specific you can put a " +" in between each word...
for example...fender guitars for under $300...u would write...fender+guitars+for+sale+under+$300
that way it only supplies links with those specific words in them

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If you want to match an entire phrase exactly, put the phrase in quotation marks in the Google search box.
if you want the results to always include a specific term, put a + (plus sign) in front og that term.
If you want to exclude a term that is getting in the way, put that nusince term in your search with a - (minus sign) in front of it

"b.b. King" +lucille -porn

would return pages that have lucille in them, that have a reference to BB King (not just any ol' king) and exclude pages that contain the word porn.

Also, capitalization makes a difference. If you type something in capital letters, you'll only get results that have capitols in the same position in the word. If you use lower case, you'll get results of either case.
searching for Bob Marley will only return results that have capitol letters on the beginning of both words, where searching for bob marley will return both upper and lower case versions of the regga master.

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