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Sitting position preference.....

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Does anyone else just absolutely HATE sitting in the "normal" or I guess "comfortable" position with the body on the thigh and the neck hanging over your leg?

I play an Ibanez Strat. and when I play in the classical position I feel so much more comfortable....and that I can do so much more as far as long slides and harder licks on the upper end.

Am I just a freak? Most people I talk to think I'm crazy....

When I sit in the other position the guitar seems to move all the time and my picking/strumming arm gets tired from being hiked up that high...

Just wondering what everyone else thinks....

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I just about always stand to play electrics. I keep the neck angle a lot higher than I do acoustics, but not quite as steep as when I play classical.

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I sit on a high stool. It's almost like standing up. I find that when I am sitting on a lower chair (in a classical or comfortable position), my shoulder invariably raises as I reach around the guitar (electric or acoustic), which is not good.

The best position is the one that works for you-- one which affords economy of movement, as well as the minimization of muscular tension.


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didn't know you could sit (LOL) :D

have always and will continue to stand when playing my electric friend


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I usually play my electric standing, but my acoustic I play sitting and always in a classical position.

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I could never put the guitar on my right thigh/knee. It always felt uncomfortable and akward twisting my body like that. I sit on the corner of my bed with a brick under my left foot to give me a better neck angle. I put the waist of the guitar on my left leg and go at it.

I have a chair, but it's hard and makes my backside hurt. :o


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I play my electric standing as well and for accoustic I usually rest my right ankle on my left thigh and have the guitar on my right thigh. When I sit with the electric I do the same.

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I'm the same as Metaellihead. Only I sit in a chair and put my left foot on a rolled up sleeping bag.

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