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Slow and steady wins....

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So I've decided to try Hana by Masaaki Kishibe, and figured I'd have a hard time because of some stretches that I have a hard time with, especially 5th fret bass note with something on the 2nd fret with open strings in between.

It's always been a problem in any song that I've tried. Well apparently it's not so much a problem any hurts a bit, but making the stretch isn't nearly as bad as it used to be. So I guess gradually working on tougher and tougher pieces is fixing that stretching issue. Exercises and such never really did much for me because it wasn't about the stretch it was about the notes in-between.

So hopefully I'll be able to do this in the next couple weeks....oh and it's in Open D, I've never done a song that wasn't in Standard or Drop D.

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Keep it UP! Slow and steady, practice practice, and the progress is real.

So many songs that were way too hard for me 3 or so years ago (when I was "re-starting" guitar playing) are quite simple now.

Even the stuff that was to o hard a year ago is getting easier.

Keep up the good work,

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Excellent - well done :-)