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Firstly, before going into my question, I must say. Whoever formatted this Forum did a VERY nice job. It's clean and the colors and bland so they don't HURT YOUR EYES (I've ran into forums like that). Also, I like the fact that most of the people that post here seem to be educated :D... What I mean is when people ask questions / answer questions they aren't like:

"nub, u suk" or something like that.

Anyways, onto my post.

I just started electric guitar, I've played classical guitar for about 5 months (this is just to show you that i'm pretty bad at guitar in general).

My question:
What electric guitar songs should I learn? I figured that learning the whole song for ANY guitar song will not be easy at the beginning, so I've come to the conclusion that learning simple riffs is the best way... I do NOT have an electric guitar teacher, but I am very disciplined... I am not sure if it helps, but I practice chords, and switching between them and playing pentatonics and scales a LOT (around 40 minutes a day).

So please, someone tell me some easy riffs to learn? Please state the name of the song AND the artist.

So far, I know:
The riffs to:
Smoke on the Water -Deep Purple
Iron Man -Black Sabbath
One -Metallica
Let's Go -Trick Daddy (Although I was told the riff is from an actual song, but I don't remember which song...)
Enter Sandman -Metallica

Thank You
-Afo :D

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hello! welcome to the forum for people that dont say you suck :D

learning any song on electric guitar is good i feel because each song will have at least one chord progession or riff of even just a chord that you havent learnt before. i found that i started writing my own songs and got stuck in this loop of 'i know these chords played this way, il keep doing that' and then the songs i heard on radio that i learnt were the same 'i can play that so il learn this one' and after a while i jsut didnt get any better and lost imagination for songs...

sooooooo...i started learning songs that i would prob never play with my band etc but just for practice...songs i normally wouldnt learn from every different genre...and that improves your guitar skills NO END! because you playing in different tempos and different genres and its great.

so i guess theres a few tunes people who start on guitar wanna learn 'smoke on teh water' etc cause they can play it to someone and they will recognise it, but dont limit yourself. learn EVERY song you like to listen to. and if its too hard then it doesnt matter. there were songs i COULDNT play and i put the tabs away and forgot about it for months. then sometime later il find them and think 'oh i love this song!!' and by then my skill level had improved so i COULD play them. then i felt great cause i learnt something new AND because i could see how much better i had got

the skys the limit Afo :D

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I figured that learning the whole song for ANY guitar song will not be easy at the beginning

Actually, you'd be surprised how many songs are just three or four simple might to take a look at the Easy Songs forum, there are TONS of pretty good tabs in there! Try "Paranoid" - four chords, three of which are the same shape just moved up and down the neck (and not very far at that!) and it's in a similar genre to the riffs you mentioned.

Learning riffs is OK for fun - but there's a real sense of accomplishment in playing a WHOLE song!

Oh, and the reason why you'll never see any "Noob, you suck!" posts is because we can all remember when WE were noobs and sucked - on this site you'll get a lot of help and encouragement instead. You take, you give something back - that's the way it works here. If you do get criticism, it'll be constructive criticism, with helpful suggestions.

:D :D :D


"Sometimes the beauty of music can help us all find strength to deal with all the curves life can throw us." (D. Hodge.)

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I agree you should learn some whole songs - For example, there are lots of Green Day songs you could probably play all the way through. A couple of Radiohead songs are easy too. Riffs are fun, but it's satisfying (and challenging!) to play along through an entire song.

BTW, I have a feeling I know what forum you visited before you came here. Welcome to the NICE guitar forum!

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hey noob, I suck sometimes....there that is over with. welcome to the forum.

electric guitars are not just for riffs.
so don't start with a riff.
learn chords and riffs that grow from the chords.
learn a song all the way through. see how licks or riffs are based on the chords.

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Welcome to GN.. Glad you found us..

I think that learning songs that you enjoy is best because it will be easier to keep doing it over and over and over. etc... :) Also, Just from reading other peoples post I would suggest against just learning riffs. I have seen quite a few people that regretting doing that and years later never being able to play a song. I dont think there is anything wrong with learning riffs... just make sure you spread the love around and practice other things too.


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